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More kits!

October 18, 2009askory No Comments »

Finally, all the pieces are in place and we have new kits! So, if you’ve been waiting, wait no longer. Order now and we’ll have your kit in the mail within 2-3 days.

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Noisebridge Open House

October 2, 2009mrericboyd No Comments »

Noisebridge, the hackerspace that got us going on this cyborg stuff, had an open house on Friday night, celebrating one year hacking activity, and the new 5600 sq-ft of space. The cyborg group had a small display of our various projects, including the North Paw compass anklet, the ultrasonic echolocation project, and the pulse choker. […]

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Typhoon Parma

October 1, 2009askory No Comments »

I’ve never gotten a call about a typhoon before. But then just this afternoon a real human from the shipping company TNT called me to say that our shipment of pager motors would be delayed due to the storm. How’s that for good service? Anyway, if you’ve ordered a kit this week, don’t worry; we […]

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