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Noisebridge Open House

October 2, 2009mrericboyd No Comments »

Noisebridge, the hackerspace that got us going on this cyborg stuff, had an open house on Friday night, celebrating one year hacking activity, and the new 5600 sq-ft of space. The cyborg group had a small display of our various projects, including the North Paw compass anklet, the ultrasonic echolocation project, and the pulse choker. I talked to a ton of people about these projects, and I got several very valuable ideas for how to make the projects better. I also got several people interested in coming to our Sunday cyborg meetings, and a couple of people said they would come buy North Paw kits at a future meeting. There were at least a hundred people in the space, and it still didn’t feel like we were sardines, the new space is awesome!

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