China Trip

November 8, 2009mrericboyd No Comments »

I went on the noisebridge China Trip, with Mitch Altman, creator of the TV-B-Gone, a remote control with only one button. He invited noisebridge members (and any other hackers interested) to join him on a tour of some factories near Shanghai, and I was excited enough about that to buy tickets to China. We toured factories that did surface mount PCB assembly (super fast robots!), plastic injection molding, printing at industrial scale and speed, keyboard assembly (way more labor intensive than I imagined), and miner lamp assembly. I got to see all kinds of interesting things and make several business contacts. Sensebridge will be working with some of those contacts to have the North Paw made in China – an exciting project! It’ll be many months before that effort shows up as products on this website, of course, but we’re excited to be moving forward on the China dream that we’ve had for a long time.

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