Wearable Electronic Senses at BIL

February 11, 2010mrericboyd 6 Comments »

I’ll be giving a talk titled “wearable electronic senses” at BIL, an unconference-style event held near the famous (and expensive) TED conference. Both are in Long Beach, California. If you’re nearby, drop on in! My talk will be only 20 minutes long (see schedule), but I’m planning to hold a fun demo/Q&A session as well in the Open Culture space.

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  • Jeff Says:

    Is this like an electronic tagging system. I am not familiar with wearable electronic senses.

  • Keith Says:

    @jeff: It’s not like a tagging system I don’t think (not sure what that is anyways). It’s meant to augment your senses. Sounds pretty cool to me. Except I’m not so sure I would want my sense of smell augmented!

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  • Harry Parker Says:

    “Wearable Electronic Senses” sound like a device than can improve a person’s bodily senses. It really sounds interesting.

  • Ray Says:

    I have heard of anklets that can give a person a sense of direction. I would be very interested in learning what other types of devices exist.

  • Arpey Says:

    You sure have some interesting projects underway!

    How did your talk go?

  • Adam Says:

    There was an article in the Week about similar technology to help the blind see. Very interesting.

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