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North Skirt

May 27, 2010mrericboyd No Comments »

My friend Meredith Scheff pulled off an awesome hack in time for Maker Faire this year: the North Skirt. It uses a North Paw V1.5 kit, plus her soft-circuit StarBoards (kits coming soon!, kits available now!), to make a skirt with LEDs that light up on the north side of the wearer only. Much spinning […]

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New V1.5 Kits!

May 13, 2010mrericboyd 3 Comments »

Announcing the next generation of North Paw! It’s taken a lot longer than we anticipated, but the new improved kits are finally ready. Improvements include: support for Lithium Polymer batteries (and charging thereof) snappy laser-cut acrylic enclosure for the electronics new better looking anklet with skin-facing velvet greatly simplified assembly of the display portion of […]

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