HeartSpark pendant

November 9, 2010mrericboyd 1 Comment »

Heart Spark PendantI’ve been working on a new product for sensebridge tentatively called the HeartSpark. It’s a heart-shaped pendant that flashes LEDs in time with your heart beat. It pairs with a polar chest strap & transmitter to acquire the heart-beat info. The product version will include a Real-Time-Clock chip and an EEPROM, which will allow the user to log data all day log. I plan to make software in Processing which would allow easy retrieval and plotting / saving of this data. But I’m also super excited about the social possibilities of broadcasting your heart-beat – I had some very interesting conversations with people at the Ottawa Mini Makers Faire, including one memorable conversation with an older woman who said that she felt “slightly dirty even looking at it” because she felt that my heart-beat was really private information… Anyway, second round of prototypes should happen around the beginning of December, and I’m hoping to have product ready for the start of next year. If you’re interested or have feedback about the design, please send me an email!

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