North Paw V1.6 Launch

April 20, 2011mrericboyd No Comments »

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new V1.6 North Paw kits! These kits are very similar to the V1.5 kits, except that the enclosure has been changed to a small black plastic box. This change was made mostly because it was very very time consuming to make the laser cut acrylic enclosures, both for us and for our customers; these new enclosures snap together in about 1/10 of a second! Minor improvements have been made in other places: the battery is now physically smaller and more rigid (increasing safety), the velcro dots are now much less likely to go missing during transit, and the confusing R1 on the rear of the PCB has been moved back to the front thanks to a superior, smaller, layout. Get more information on the North Paw page, or read the new instructions.

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