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August 30, 2011mrericboyd No Comments »

That’s right, we’ve got a sister site now:! It’s supposed to be more market friendly, look all sharp and fancy, etc. This site,, will continue to be as it is – crazy hacker/maker website were we can let it all hang out, talk about the development and the code, etc. The new site launches with a new version of the Heart Spark, there are two minor changes: (1) it’s made with black solder mask for the PCB, improving the looks and (2) there are now three switches on the back, the left-most of which actually turns the device on and off. Radical I know! Taking the battery in-and-out was just much more annoying than I had anticipated, so I think this is a major improvement, even if it’s only a minor change in the schematics. I’ve also committed to launching a new product once every month for over the fall, although the September product might not quite make the end of the month. I basically want to diversify the line-up of ‘electronic jewelry’ products, so that there are a number of choices on the website, and I could theoretically have a trade-show booth and fill it up with cool stuff!

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