Sound Spark

December 3, 2011mrericboyd 1 Comment »

I’ve launched another interesting electronic jewelry product, called the Sound Spark, over at the site. It’s a sound reactive necklace pendant. Basically it flashes lights in time with your voice, a really cool effect to draw attention to yourself! The project was heavily based on the bliplace, basically all I did was convert all parts to surface mount, add a button (connected to an interrupt) so you can put the device in standby without taking out the battery, and of course make it pretty using some epoxy, just like I did with the Heart Spark. Those of you really looking can probably see the jumper wire in the photo to the left, turns out I somehow managed to not wire VCC into the microcontroller! The epoxy is totally awesome for making that kind of thing possible in a protected way: that jumper wire is as secure as the rest of the circuit, and that rules.

I’m also working on a new circuit tentatively called “Mood Spark” which acts kind of like the mood-rings of old, it’s got a temperature sensor and RGB LEDs and will change color as the temperature changes. No idea if it will work very well, but it should be fun to play around with!

UPDATE: I’ve made a tech details page for Sound Spark, you can go download the code, etc. Enjoy!

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