North Paw V2.0!

May 9, 2012mrericboyd No Comments »

Announcing the next version of North Paw, North Paw V2.0! The new version looks identical externally to the V1.6 North Paw that we’ve been selling for about a year, and internally it’s much the same as well. The only difference is the compass module itself. The HM55B 2-axis compass module that we used to use (made by Parallax) was discontinued, forcing us to find a newer module to base the North Paw around. After extensive searching (it’s not easy to find a <$30 compass module!), we settled on the LSM303DLM 3-axis compass module with 3-axis accelerometer and tilt-compensation. Although the new compass is not quite as accurate as the older module, we simply used more averaging and got basically the same quality heading output. In addition, because this module has tilt compensation, the North Paw now performs better in tilted situations, such as when you are driving. In all, I believe that most users of the North Paw will not notice much of a change in performance. Our costs have increased slightly, but we are not increasing the price of the kit: it will remain at $149. Anyway, if you’ve been waiting for North Paw to have tilt-compensation, now’s your big chance, get ’em while they are hot!

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