Heart Spark V2.0

August 2, 2012mrericboyd 1 Comment »

The new version of Heart Spark is finally available! The new Heart Spark has a whole series of design changes:

  • New rectangular shape, since so many people complained about the Heart shape
  • 16 HUGE LEDs in a line
  • New microcontroller (attiny24) saves a lot of power, increasing battery life to at least 50 hours!
  • Three animated modes including a mode which enables you to tell your BPM within 10 at a glance.

Check out the video I made of the Heart Spark V2.0 modes, I think it looks super cool! As always, the Heart Spark flashes in time with your heart, as measured by a polar chest strap (sold separately).

I have a very limited number of beta units available for sale now, if these go quickly I’ll make more. Each unit comes with a metal chain and magnetic clasp. Get yours now for $69!

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  • Shane Dillingham Says:

    I bought the Heart Spark 2.0 that you were wearing at Cyborg Camp Seattle and I thought I would mention that the solder around the battery slot was kind of thin. It broke when I changed the battery. I managed to solder the battery slot back into place but I thought I would mention that it might be a good idea to apply more solder to the points around the battery slot. I thank you for providing me an accidental introduction to soldering and I thought I would return the favor by providing constructive criticism. I noticed this almost sounds rude so I feel it’s necessary to clarify that that is not my intention. I truly respect you and it was nice to meet you.

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