North Paw Preassembled!

November 23, 2012mrericboyd 1 Comment »

For quite a while we’ve been offering an assembly service, where for $70 we will custom assemble a North Paw after you order it. This service has been somewhat popular, accounting for perhaps 10% of North Paw sales in total. As of today, we’re switching to instead offering pre-assembled North Paws, made in batches, which is a lot faster (and thus cheaper). Available now for $199: Preassembled North Paw.

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  • George Says:

    Hi Guys,

    when you say

    “Because of the plasticity of the brain, it has been shown that most wearers gain a new sense of absolute direction, giving them a superhuman ability to navigate their surroundings.”

    does this mean people can retain that sense of direction even when no longer wearing the North Paw?

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