North Paw available at Think Geek!

April 7, 2013mrericboyd 1 Comment »

The North Paw is now available at Think Geek!. I’m super impressed with the quality of their marketing – the illustration to the right very quickly conveys how the device works, much better than a verbal description is capable of doing. I’ve found lots of people think, even after a good description of how it works, that it vibrates when you face north. Which of course would be much less useful than what it actually does :-). Anyway, I’m glad to finally have a reseller, and despite some mountains of paperwork that I had to do for the first lot, it all worked out great in the end!

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  • DelilahRW Says:

    I hope you guys come out with a slimmer, more attractive version soon, without the external wires and battery. I would definitely donate to a kickstarter to fund something like that.

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