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Sensebridge Shutdown

June 28, 2019mrericboyd No Comments »

As you might have guessed by the long period with no posting, Sensebridge is out of business. We’ve been out of stock on Northpaw Kits since late 2016; we do not have plans to make more kits. If you’re interested in making your own from scratch, most of the info you need to do so is on our downloads page, including the code, the schematics for the circuit, and the bill of materials. You’d still need to make a fabric pouch and an enclosure yourself, plus I think the compass module wiring/code would need to be updated (since the circuit schematics use an older version than is now sold). We’re sorry to not be offering kits anymore, we know how much more difficult it is to create something like North Paw from scratch than it is to assemble a kit, and we’re sorry to disappoint you. The FeelSpace group (from whom the original idea of a vibrating compass came) are saying now they might sell their belt, so you could email them to push them along…

This website ( will remain up for at least several more years, so the instructions and all other resources will remain available. I’m also happy to continue to field questions and support questions – just email me eric at I had a wonderful time working on various cyborg devices and I hope the same is true for all the people who bought our kits over the years. So long and thanks for all the synesthesia 🙂

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