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North Paw in stock!

January 3, 2011askory No Comments »

We sure are excited to hear from a bunch of new people after this Wired article. But, it did hit us a bit by surprise; we had yet to update our North Paw inventory numbers as we were right in the middle of getting more kits together. But fear not! More kits are ready now, […]

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NY Times: Geographic Languages

September 1, 2010askory No Comments »

Three separate people in the course of several days sent me a link to a NY Times article about how language may shape one’s experiences. In particular, the article discusses geographic languages: languages which do not use the egocentric terms left, right, forward and back to describe relative position. Instead, they use the cardinal directions […]

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More kits!

October 18, 2009askory No Comments »

Finally, all the pieces are in place and we have new kits! So, if you’ve been waiting, wait no longer. Order now and we’ll have your kit in the mail within 2-3 days.

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Typhoon Parma

October 1, 2009askory No Comments »

I’ve never gotten a call about a typhoon before. But then just this afternoon a real human from the shipping company TNT called me to say that our shipment of pager motors would be delayed due to the storm. How’s that for good service? Anyway, if you’ve ordered a kit this week, don’t worry; we […]

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Paypal Buttons

September 29, 2009askory No Comments »

Ordering a North Paw just got a lot easier! We’ve upgraded to a Paypal business account, and that was the magic needed to start using their shopping carts feature. When we have more new senses to offer you, it will probably make sense to build our own in-site shopping cart. But with only one product, […]

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Website Redux

September 26, 2009askory No Comments »

Look different around here? has recently switched to WordPress! We were previously using Radiant, a Ruby on Rails based CMS. Now that we’re using something simpler we’ll finally be implementing web-based ordering (by borrowing someone else’s well-established solution, of course!). Until then, you can still order a North Paw by email. [Web-based ordering now […]

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