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Talk at SoOnCon

September 30, 2010mrericboyd No Comments »

I’ll be giving a talk in the North Paw and the Pulse Choker at SoOnCon, the Southern Ontario Hackerspace Conference. See the Schedule. My talk is Saturday Oct 2nd at 3:30pm, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It should be an awesome time!

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NY Times: Geographic Languages

September 1, 2010askory No Comments »

Three separate people in the course of several days sent me a link to a NY Times article about how language may shape one’s experiences. In particular, the article discusses geographic languages: languages which do not use the egocentric terms left, right, forward and back to describe relative position. Instead, they use the cardinal directions […]

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North Paw Talk at Quantified Self

June 1, 2010mrericboyd No Comments »

Eric Boyd and his Haptic Compass Anklet. It’s actually a really good video, Loren even edited in a couple slides & photos (that were not there that evening), to give some extra context, great job Loren! Eric Boyd – The North Paw: A Haptic Compass Anklet from Loren Risker on Vimeo.

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North Skirt

May 27, 2010mrericboyd No Comments »

My friend Meredith Scheff pulled off an awesome hack in time for Maker Faire this year: the North Skirt. It uses a North Paw V1.5 kit, plus her soft-circuit StarBoards (kits coming soon!, kits available now!), to make a skirt with LEDs that light up on the north side of the wearer only. Much spinning […]

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New V1.5 Kits!

May 13, 2010mrericboyd 3 Comments »

Announcing the next generation of North Paw! It’s taken a lot longer than we anticipated, but the new improved kits are finally ready. Improvements include: support for Lithium Polymer batteries (and charging thereof) snappy laser-cut acrylic enclosure for the electronics new better looking anklet with skin-facing velvet greatly simplified assembly of the display portion of […]

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Wearable Electronic Senses at BIL

February 11, 2010mrericboyd 6 Comments »

I’ll be giving a talk titled “wearable electronic senses” at BIL, an unconference-style event held near the famous (and expensive) TED conference. Both are in Long Beach, California. If you’re nearby, drop on in! My talk will be only 20 minutes long (see schedule), but I’m planning to hold a fun demo/Q&A session as well […]

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Acrylic Enclosure mod

December 4, 2009mrericboyd 1 Comment »

Inspiration strikes! Skory and I talked months ago about how the big black electronic enclosure box could be replaced with a couple of sheets of super cool acrylic. Now, I’ve done it! It only took about an hour, once I had the 1/8″ thick acrylic in hand. Trace the black box twice, cut with hack […]

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China Trip

November 8, 2009mrericboyd No Comments »

I went on the noisebridge China Trip, with Mitch Altman, creator of the TV-B-Gone, a remote control with only one button. He invited noisebridge members (and any other hackers interested) to join him on a tour of some factories near Shanghai, and I was excited enough about that to buy tickets to China. We toured […]

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Paypal Buttons

September 29, 2009askory No Comments »

Ordering a North Paw just got a lot easier! We’ve upgraded to a Paypal business account, and that was the magic needed to start using their shopping carts feature. When we have more new senses to offer you, it will probably make sense to build our own in-site shopping cart. But with only one product, […]

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