Heart Spark V2.0

A new and updated version of Heart Spark! The basics are the same: it’s a pendant which flashes LEDs in time with your heart beat. The tech is the same: you wear a polar chest strap, which monitors your heart via EKG, and transmits the data to the pendant. The style is all new! Bigger, brighter, more numerous LEDs. Cleaner, simpler layout. More dynamic display.

All of the new pendants are blue LEDs, the circuit boards are purple. All come with chain and magnetic clasp. All circuit elements (except battery holder) on both front and back are epoxy coated for protection. $79 while supplies last. Polar Wear Link chest strap required for operation, sold separately – you can get it at Amazon or any sporting goods or Nike store.

Here’s a video of the pendant in operation, showing the three modes: