Old V1.5 Instructions

Building North Paw V1.5

Step 0: Overview

Note that these are the instructions for the older V1.5 kits (with the clear acrylic enclosures). If you’re looking for the new instructions, go here: V1.6 Instructions

kit Total Kit Contents

  • Electronics bag (see Step 1 for complete contents)
  • 2 pieces of sticky-back velcro
  • 8 sticky-back velcro dots
  • 12″ of 10 conductor ribbon cable
  • 8″ piece of 1/16″ shrink tubing
  • Laser cut acrylic enclosure
  • LiPo Battery
  • 10″ custom armature enclosure
  • HM55B compass module in silver bag
  • Sensebridge business card

Tools you’ll need:

  • wire cutters
  • wire strippers (we like the small gage ones)
  • soldering iron, solder
  • clear packing or scotch tape
  • optional: hot air gun
  • optional: hot glue gun

The assembly consists of 3 steps:

Proceed to Step 1: Electronics!

North Paw V1.0, for help contact eric@sensebridge.net