We would never have gotten this far without the generous help of many friends, wise acquaintances, and other hackers. Sensebridge was created as part of a community, and we want to keep that spirit.

At Sensebridge we believe in keeping things open source. All versions of North Paw electronics are essentially Arduino clones with some extra stuff onboard, you can program them using the Arduino IDE. Use Board “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATMEGA168”. Download all of our design files and code here:

EagleCAD board and schematic files: North_Paw_V2p0.brd (348KB), North_Paw_V2p0.sch (78KB)

Arduino 1.0 Code: NorthPaw_V2p2.ino (16k) (this 2.2 update makes the firmware compatible with recent changes in the Pololu LSM303 library (removal of setMagGain function, change of vector to a collection, change in handing of LSB placement for accelerometer data). No functionality changes, if you have an older copy of the LSM303 library, no update required.

NorthPaw_V2p1_final.ino (16K) (this V2.1 update includes fixes to compass sensitivity and adds a variable for simple user control of motor strength)

Bill of Materials: NorthPaw_V2p0_BOM.csv

Older V1.5 files:

EagleCAD board and schematic files: NorthPaw_V1p5.sch (76KB) NorthPaw_v1p5.brd (357KB)

Bill of materials: NorthPaw_V1p5_BOM.csv (2KB)

Arduino code: North_Paw_v1p5.pde (15KB)

Older V1.0 downloads:

EagleCAD board and schematic files: North_Paw_v1p0.sch (133KB) North_Paw_v1p0.brd (355KB)

Bill of materials: North_Paw_BOM_v1p0.csv (1KB)

Arduino code: North_Paw_v1p0.pde (10KB)