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Sensebridge Shutdown

June 28, 2019mrericboyd No Comments »

As you might have guessed by the long period with no posting, Sensebridge is out of business. We’ve been out of stock on Northpaw Kits since late 2016; we do not have plans to make more kits. If you’re interested in making your own from scratch, most of the info you need to do so […]

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Sound Spark

December 3, 2011mrericboyd 1 Comment »

I’ve launched another interesting electronic jewelry product, called the Sound Spark, over at the site. It’s a sound reactive necklace pendant. Basically it flashes lights in time with your voice, a really cool effect to draw attention to yourself! The project was heavily based on the bliplace, basically all I did was convert all […]

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new Heart Sparks at

August 30, 2011mrericboyd No Comments »

That’s right, we’ve got a sister site now:! It’s supposed to be more market friendly, look all sharp and fancy, etc. This site,, will continue to be as it is – crazy hacker/maker website were we can let it all hang out, talk about the development and the code, etc. The new site […]

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You Make My Heart Flutter

July 20, 2011mrericboyd No Comments »

We love it when customers hack the Heart Spark. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough! Check out this awesome hack by Rain: you make my heart flutter. She modded a Heart Spark to add a second board, on which an infrared range sensor is mounted. When something gets near the Heart Spark, three of the […]

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Hacked Heart Spark

April 15, 2011mrericboyd 1 Comment »

Alison of iHeartSwitch has hacked a Heart Spark to turn it into a beautiful crystal beaded jacket. Click through to see a video of the beads in action. I especially love the use of pink wire 🙂

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Heart Spark Logging Beta

January 21, 2011mrericboyd No Comments »

Announcing at long-last the logging version of Heart Spark! It collects data on every beat of your heart, for up to 14 hours. Then you can go an plot it and make pretty charts & graphs. We have a very limited number of Heart Spark Logging beta units available. Beta means this is not the […]

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Heart Spark for sale!

December 15, 2010mrericboyd 1 Comment »

I’ve made the product page for Heart Spark, our new blinking pendant! I have only a small number available at the moment, but more are being assembled rapidly. There is a lot of labor per pendant – by the time you count all the soldering, programming, testing, epoxying and packaging, it’s over an hour per […]

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Interview with The Mark News: Heart Spark

December 12, 2010mrericboyd No Comments »

I was interviewed for The Mark News, a local (Toronto) outfit. They came by the and I talked about North Paw and the Heart Spark: Heart Spark is almost ready to go on sale. I have received the first lot of boards from China, assembled and tested the first one (works!), so sometime this […]

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HeartSpark pendant

November 9, 2010mrericboyd 1 Comment »

I’ve been working on a new product for sensebridge tentatively called the HeartSpark. It’s a heart-shaped pendant that flashes LEDs in time with your heart beat. It pairs with a polar chest strap & transmitter to acquire the heart-beat info. The product version will include a Real-Time-Clock chip and an EEPROM, which will allow the […]

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Next batch of North Paw kits is done!

October 7, 2010rachel 1 Comment »

After rather more weeks than we’d have liked, the next batch of North Paw kits are shipping. Many thanks to those of you who waited patiently for three or more weeks for them to be ready. All shipping is complete for paid orders. I thought I’d share a little bit about the process of making […]

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